Broken Bones After A Slip And Fall Accident? Know What To Do!

Slip and fall accidents occur when a property owner does not take proper care of their premises, and a visitor or guest injures themself due to a hazard. These accidents can result in minor injuries such as a sprained ankle to a broken bone. Bones breaking after a slip and fall accident is not an uncommon sight. 

The human body consists of 206 bones, and each of them is vulnerable to fracture or break if they are injured severely enough. If you do not have strong bones, you will likely experience a fracture after a slip and fall. If you have broken bones due to another person’s fault, you deserve justice. Contact a Wytheville Personal Injury Lawyer to file for compensation today. 

What to do after breaking your bones in a slip and fall accident?

  • Make sure if your bones are broken/fractured. 

The first step to getting compensation for your bone fracture is to gather medical evidence. After the accident, you must immediately go to the hospital with the help of another person and get your bone diagnosed by a medical professional. It can help you determine whether and which one of your bones is broken. 

  • Report to the property owner. 

You must immediately report to the property owner that an accident has taken place and ask them to prepare a written accident report. Once they have created this document, ask them for a copy of it. This serves as proof that the incident had indeed taken place. However, remember to limit your conversation to the property owner. 

  • Take photographs of the scene. 

It may sound unlikely to conduct a photo session of the scene right after breaking your bones in a Grand Junction, CO accident. However, you must do so if your health allows you to. If you leave the site without taking any pictures as evidence, chances are the property owner will clean it up by the time you come back with your attorney. 

  • Preserve evidence. 

To make sure the property owner does not turn the case on you by pointing the finger at you, make sure you photograph yourself in your clothing. Photograph or record a video of your shoes and clothing so that the defendant cannot argue the accident took place because of your attire. You should also see if any surveillance cameras may have documented it all. 

  • Stay off social media. 

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are indeed great platforms to share daily life news with your friends and family members. However, you do not want to engage in social media when dealing with a legal case. This is because the defendant party could be watching you, and anything you say can be twisted into something it is not. 

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