Break up voodoo spells

Not all relationships can be ended with break up voodoo spells. Let us make it clear though: if a professional magic practitioner casts a break up spell, the couple is most likely to break up. Of course, a previously cast protective spell or a protective talisman will prevent it from happening and all attempts to break up the couple with magic will fail. But since modern people tend to underestimate magic, spellcasters usually break up couples with ease.

At the same time, it’s going to be extremely difficult to do for beginning and amateurish spellcasters. Voodoo which is based on calling up spirits ends up very badly for such people. A spirit introduced to our world thanks to magic comes because here it can feed on some energy. It needs negative energy, so it makes sure the partners start finding fault with each other and fighting, they get jealous of each other, and stop caring of each other. The less happy they are, the better the voodoo spirit feels.

Esoteric authorities like Spellcaster Maxim can help you get a break up a relationship with black magic. And with the tips in this post, it becomes comfortable to get easier splits from any relationship you want.

For the spirit to be able to influence the couple, there should already be some issues in their relationship at the moment the spirit arrives. The spirit can’t harm the chakras of the people who keep their feelings and emotions under control and take good care of their energies. Like an infection needs a wound or a cut to enter your body, the spirit needs a hole in your protective shell to start impacting you negatively.​

Voodoo break up spells

It’s not right to prepare for voodoo break up spells and be sure that your failure won’t lead to any personal problems. When the spirit called up by you fails, it won’t just go away. It won’t go back to where it came from. Professional magic practitioners never start the ritual unless they know for sure how to send the spirit back. One can’t become a professional magic practitioner unless safety is one of their top priorities. And we’re pretty sure that you didn’t even know that you should not only study the break up ritual but also the fact that this ritual, the one you found online, is incomplete. We’re confident that no matter what spell you found, it doesn’t say how to send the spirit back. It probably doesn’t even explain how the ritual works either.

Due to authors’ ignorance or negligence readers get an impression that when you cast a voodoo spell, you just say some words, play with a voodoo doll or another item, and change the reality. In fact, each voodoo ritual consists of several steps: calling up a spirit, assigning a task to the spirit, sending the spirit to the target, waiting for the results.

Let’s assume you decided to cast a voodoo break up spell on a couple which is too strong for the spirit. It attacks them hoping to make them fight but it doesn’t work. It sends a disease upon one of the partners but it only makes them closer. It tries to influence them through dreams, but they know how to keep their negative emotions under control, so they don’t yield to the spirit either. Another option is when a couple has a powerful protective talisman which simply doesn’t let the voodoo spirit come close to the partners.

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What happens next? Probably, a lot of problems. The spirit isn’t going to go away, so it starts looking or someone whose energy it can feed on.  Only a few people are visible to it because it’s been called up only to help you perform your ritual. These are the partners you wanted to break up and you. So after failing to influence the couple, it’ll try to influence you. If you’ve taken some precautions, the spirit won’t be able to hurt you. For your information, you can be in danger for several reasons, yet the most common one is when your neutral or positive energy transforms into negative one due to voodoo misuse, black magic rituals, or interaction with spirits.

Most people report feeling depressed, tired, frustrated, irritable, or scared after casting spells at home. This is when energy transformation occurs and you become very vulnerable.​

The voodoo break up spell

The negative side-effects of failed voodoo spells to break up a couple can be easily explained. The spirit which can feed only on the energy of infidelity, betrayal and fights will make you go through things like that over and over again. It will enter your energy and/or your partner’s subtle bodies and start destroying your relationship from the inside. I’ll have extremely harmful effects on your personal and love life. Your life will take a tragic turn, with your fate falling under the influence of a curse known as “celibacy wreath”. The spirit isn’t going to leave you ever. When you pass away, it will attack your children and grandchildren. It will destroy the life of your off-springs, generation after generation, until professional help is obtained.

So we always repeat that you should take precautions before casting any voodoo spells, especially spells designed to break up a relationship. First and foremost, buy a protective talisman to protect yourself from spirits and black energy and have it tuned into your energy. Secondly, learn some protective spells which can also send spirits to the world where they came from. Thirdly, study the couple you want to break up to make sure the spirit is able to break them up.

Below are signs of couples at greater risk of breakup:

  • They fight a lot;
  • The woman’s had an abortion;
  • They drink too much;
  • They take drugs;
  • They complain too much;
  • They’re selfish and envious people;
  • They cheat on each other;
  • They get sick a lot;
  • They’ve had accidents or aggression incidents;
  • They’re insecure people;
  • They’re overweight (they’re 30-40% greater than their normal body weight).

Voodoo break up spells put on such couples are unlikely to have any side-effects. The spirit will manage to stick to the partners and live and obtain energy food at their expense.

However, in this case you should still think about it very carefully. You’re going to make another human being suffer, which means you’ll take full energy responsibility for it. When you do it, you show your psychological, spiritual and mental immaturity, which Higher Powers see as a reason to teach you how to be more patient and tolerant. So they’ll make you feel some pain and suffer in order to teach you a lesson. This is another reason why you shouldn’t cast voodoo or any other spells without being a professional spellcaster.

Today there are quite many extremely powerful magic practitioners in the world. If we disregard frauds (we wrote about them in some of our previous articles), we can say that there are hundreds of powerful spellcaters who’re happy to help you. Any of them can cast a good spell for you to give you what you want. This can be anything, including a divorce, an engagement, or a short-term love affair. In most cases working with such magic practitioners is completely safe for the client’s soul, subtle bodies and karma. Think about it and let an expert take care of what can be extremely dangerous and difficult for you.

Yet we want you to have a choice, so we’ve also posted some good voodoo spells for you. Find them and take your chance if you want.

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