All about Personal Injury Claims- Some Basics Revealed for First-Timers

Filing a personal injury claim is the first step toward getting medical expenses, losses and damages you have received because of the negligence of another party. It is not as easy as it may sound because the claim can get complicated at any time. If you are filing it without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Manchester, CT, you are likely to get it refused. It is important to learn the basics of these claims so that you can get compensated as soon as possible. 

The types of personal injury claims

Majorly, two types of personal injury claims are there as mentioned below:

  • First-party claim- In this, you will be filing the claim with your insurance company. If you were at fault when the accident occurred, you will file the first-party claim with your insurance provider. For instance, if you have caused an auto accident, you will file the claim with your auto insurance providers to get paid for the damages.
  • Third-party claim- Most insurance holders have this type of coverage. If the accident has occurred because of the negligence of someone else, you will file the claim with the insurance company of that person. In case a company is involved, you will file the claim with the insurance company of that business. 

Process of filing a claim

The claim process should start as soon as you have received your medical treatment. You need to collect evidence, and supporting documents such as medical reports, bills and a copy of the police report. The investigation will be performed by the insurance company to verify the documents and facts of the claim. If everything seems fine during the investigation, the adjuster may contact you for the negotiation and make the first offer.

At the negotiation stage, the offer may be lowered than your expectations. Your lawyer should be able to negotiate with them on your behalf. He will pinpoint your medical condition, loss of wages and pain and suffering so that you get what you deserve. In case, there is no possibility of both of you agreeing on the terms, you can challenge the decision of the insurance company in court. A personal injury lawyer can guide you in filing the lawsuit in a proper manner.

It is suggested to follow the guidelines of your lawyer while quoting the amount in your claim. This way, you can avoid a refusal.  

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