A Brief History of Betting And Cricket

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the history of the world and not just in India. People can play cricket matches anywhere. Betting websites such as Marathonbet can help you keep up and participate in tournaments. Cricket lovers also follow cricket odds live on TV and the net.

Betting in cricket has come a long way and has been popular in several countries. In fact, the trend has been going on since the days of legalized gambling started.

In this article, we will examine the cricket evolved in the context of betting.

When Did Cricket Betting Start?

Cricket started as far back as the late 16th century. It originated in southeast England and was established in the 19th and 20th centuries. In its early days, most of the activities were more focused on the gambling aspects rather than the game itself with a lot of money placed on it.

People have been playing cricket since the 15th century. However, it was not originally recognized as an adult game. This is because the game was said to have been developed by children who lived near Kent and Sussex. It started being recognized as a mature and serious sport in 1611 when there was adult involvement.

Unlike other sports, cricket betting was not popularized by the advent of the internet or televised matches. These factors may have boosted cricket betting at some point, but they were not its early developing factors. As mentioned earlier, cricket betting was already prevalent in the mid and late16th century.

We cannot leave out the Gaming Act of 1664 in the history of betting in cricket. With the act, spectators placed stakes up to about £14,000 in big matches.

Early Betting in Cricket

The rich participated more in the early cricket betting days. They placed wagers on different country cricket teams. The British press reported cricket odds rather than covering the game itself, which made cricket betting even more popular.

Wealthy British figures funded their favourite teams to strengthen them. Nevertheless, they only had the capacity of wagering with smaller bets than the high figures in the past. Many of these teams still exist today.

As the sport developed, people who witnessed the wagering actions of the old British lords continued this practice. It can be said that the early betting days in cricket shaped cricket betting in the modern day.

The Impact of the Internet on Cricket Betting

Cricket betting today has been shaped by the advent of technology, especially the internet. In the past, you placed your bets with no information on how to place a high-potential bet. After placing your bet, you had to go, watch the game, and hope that the match ended in the way you predicted.

The cricket betting industry has grown past what it used to be with the advent of technology and the internet. Nowadays, there are numerous betting sites and mobile apps, which have made betting on cricket more accessible; available anywhere and at any time.

Moreover, such developments have made it possible for people to access real-time data to make betting easier. Indeed, cricket betting sites now offer guides and information to help bettors place more informed bets.

To conclude

In its history, you cannot separate betting from the advent of cricket. It is safe to say that betting contributed to the proliferation of cricket even in the early days. Nowadays, technology has also defined cricket.

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