A brief guide to movie theaters for kids & families

Loving parents have many problems going to the movies when their children are little. Neither the cinemas are adapted to children nor would the other spectators endure for too long, for example, crying, the noises, the continuous stirring in the seat, or the trips to the toilet that we parents have become accustomed to.

Special cinema room for children

When your child is small but walks, understands what he sees and you want to take your children in cinema to see his first movie. In that case, you should take them to the family cinema.

Although, children cannot stay the 90 minutes. Many parents give up going to the movies as a family because of this and end up watching movies alone at home. There is no solution for that? yes, we tell you below.

Children, in general, cannot watch and concentrate for too long. The ideal, when watching a movie, is to make an intermission and that they can go to the toilet, run around, maybe eat something…

When I was little, I remember that in the cinema there was an intermission and that my mother took out some sandwiches and gave them to us. I don’t really remember if it was a double feature of those that were back then or if it was an intermission of the movie we were watching. In any case, we all agree – pedagogues say so – that children need a break.

This is how special movie theaters for kids are needed. Based on this need, there are already cinemas that not only make an intermission in the family films. In addition, they decorate and prepare the rooms so that the children feel better; they even create play areas inside the room itself, next to the screen.

Cinema room with games area

Yes, the cinema companies have realized that the family audience that goes to the cinema has other needs. In a very clever way, they have created a new room concept so that we love watching movies with our children. You call them “kids rooms” or “junior rooms”.

To begin with, they are only for family audiences and, in fact, no adult can enter if they are not accompanied by a child of 13 years or older. They only show films suitable for family audiences and, in the middle of the film, there is a break of about 15 minutes.

The rooms are much modified: the seats are fun, of different types and bright colors. The best thing is that there are also play areas. In these playgrounds, children can have fun 15 minutes before the movie starts and in between. They can’t play at the end of the movie, because the room has to be emptied and cleaned for the next session.

Now you no longer have an excuse to go to the cinema with your little one, with private cinema for little ones, enjoy going back to the cinema!

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