6 Interesting Facts About Emeralds

Jewel pieces let you express and share yourself in the most beautiful way. Every occasion, achievement, and celebration feels incomplete without jewelry. A wedding or an engagement remains incomplete without the ring. Hence, we all are in need of a token of love to showcase our relationship as an official one.The rare pieces of stone, better known as emerald, ruby, diamond, blue sapphire, and other ones are having a log historic background. Everyone who adores jewels and stones is attracted to their wear. Here we are sharing six interesting facts about emeralds.We bet after knowing the facts, you will be highly impressed by this gemstone and its benefits will compel you to choose one for yourself. You can buy your emerald ring online, it is easy and convenient. You can even gift this precious stone to your child, mother, father, spouse or anyone who is suffering from unexpected sadness or sudden diseases.

Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, it is one of the most charming symbols of love and peace. The green-colored jewel is considered the most exclusive piece to enhance the value of the emerald engagement ring. Engagement is a bond that helps you get closer and become an active partner for your spouse or romantic partner. To be able to commit and have a healthy relationship, you need to give your complete energy to your partner.

Enjoy Six Interesting Facts About Emeralds

●       Every Emerald Has a Unique Color, No Two are The Same

The color for every stone differs based upon the geographical location in which it takes origin. The color varies as per the age of stone, climatic conditions in which it is getting the shape. The shade of emerald can vary from green-blue, light-green to yellow-green. The fact is, the darker the gemstone, the better is it quality. While buying emerald ring, keep in mind to check the color of the jewel. The color has to be checked with much concentration and vigilance of the stone from close.

●       Finding The Rarest Emerald Is a Tough Deal

If you found the rarest one, pat your back buddy. This one is going to give you millions of dollars. But after finding one, shaping and cutting the raw emerald can be a total game-changer as well. So, you better have an expert in your team who can convert the rarest one into the most precious one. Bahia emerald is one of the most expensive and rarest ones and was found in 2001 in Brazil.

●       Columbia Has the Majority of Emeralds of The World

Columbia gives the world, the rarest and the most magnificent emerald of the world. The best ones are found in Muzo , Chivor and Coscuez are extremely hard to extract. Emeralds are very soft and are to be extracted with utmost precaution. The most expensive and largest pieces of emerald are extracted from such locations. Imagine yourself wearing the emerald necklaces, they will surely give your personality an extra edge.

●       Flaws are Valued in The Case of Emeralds

Jardin is one of the most famous inclusions of emeralds it enhances the value of the gemstone. These inclusions are enhancers of the natural look of emeralds. The cleanest and the most transparent ones don’t seem real to the authentic collector. The rings should have fine detailing and the jewel should be more like a celebration rather than a piece of perfection.

Emerald jewelry can enhance your personality and the one which has more flaws will become the talk of the town. As such pieces are symbols of royalty. In the case of diamonds, if the rarest one has a single scratch or is cracked, it decreases the value of the precious stone. One has to be very careful with the handling of the same. Such pieces of jewels should always be handled by an expert or an experienced craftsman to give it all. It decreases the chance of any fault or issue.

●       Cleopatra Adored Emeralds

The historical importance of emeralds can never be overlooked. It is essential for everyone to know the emerald bracelet, they are wearing on daily basis were considered as a healer of eye diseases. Egypt is the country of origin or discovery of emeralds. Back in the time of Cleopatra she adored emeralds and was a strong believer of the stone. It represents youth due to the color and often was used as a symbol of youth in the mummy of certain people.

●       It is a Sure Healer and Offers Royal Status

Emerald is considered as a natural healer and you unlock tremendous fortune as soon as you wear this ultimate emerald jewelry you start feeling confident and a sense of positivity is attained by you. It says if a person feels clean by his thoughts, his soul achieves the status of purity. Similar is experienced by a person who has opted for a jewel-like this. If you are still thinking, please do not hold too much. As you have just got your right reason to enjoy and make the most out of the available time.

Above mentioned facts are amazing and attract people from all over the world to experience the noticeable difference in their life. The magic offered by this green-colored gemstone can redefine your way of life. A clear certainty to make your life full of positivity and the right attitude.


The facts are fascinating and compel you to buy your emerald ring. If you are wondering, where you should be buying the same. Then let us give you a chance to understand how you can get benefited from online shopping for these beautiful jewels. The vaster is the scope of this industry as people who offer authentic and original products have come together through websites and various platforms to help you choose your ultimate jewel partner for life.

Scroll along and buy the most exclusive design to give yourself a chance to enjoy and become the center of attraction for everyone around you. Stand out and become a royal figure by wearing rare emeralds.

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