5 Signs That It is Time to Change Your HOA Management Company

Preparing to change your management company for the better might be harder than you think. You may want to look for certain signs or clues before you make that final decision. With so many phoenix hoa management companies out there, it’s difficult to know which ones are best for you and your community style. To help with this decision, here are five important signs that indicate it is time to change your HOAs management company:

  • They don’t understand your vision

One of the most important things in an HOA is to have a vision. The whole point of creating a homeowners association is to protect the well being and property values of your community. Therefore, it is ideal to have an HOA management company that is able to understand your vision and comprehend why you want certain changes made in your community. 

  • They don’t communicate effectively

Communication is a very important aspect of a homeowners association. Whether it’s between neighbors, committee members, or the HOA management company, communication needs to be open and clear. It needs to be a two-way street where feedback can flow freely back and forth without judgment or negativity. If there are problems with communication between your HOA management company and those in your community or you feel like you are being left out of the loop and not knowing what’s going on in your community, this could be a serious red flag that it is time for a change.

  • They aren’t transparent with documentation

Your HOA management company should be committed to being open with you and your community. There has to be transparency in their decision-making process and procedures so that everyone understands what’s going on. If your HOA management company is not transparent with what is going on with their daily operations and documentation, then it might be best to look for a new HOA management company.

  • They do not value your association

A great HOA management company should be committed to the community that they are taking care of. They should value you and the other members of the community just as much if not more than those in their office. This is where trust should be earned and maintained throughout your community. If you feel like your HOA management company does not value your association, then it may be time for a change.

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