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Social media can play a big role in boosting brand awareness. Several brands are using social media to boost awareness about new products and services. Some are leveraging paid campaigns and personalization to attract new users and increase page likes. In other cases, brands are using hashtags to attract new customers.

A powerful brand identity is essential for social media campaigns. A strong brand identity helps brands interact with humans in a meaningful way. However, creating a powerful brand identity isn’t easy. Thankfully, there are tools to help you find the right tone and voice. Brand guidelines bundles are great for finding this voice and tone.

Images are another way to capture attention on social media. Interesting images entice viewers to stop scrolling and stare at them. They can also add a sense of fun to the feed. Images can help build brand recognition and help explain the content. They’re a great way to engage with audiences and boost brand awareness.

Videos can be another great way to engage your audience. YouTube is a great channel for engaging people through videos. Videos also increase brand awareness.

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