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The IFIC home loan is a financial product that is available for customers who want to purchase a new home, build a house, or renovate an existing one. IFIC home loans are given to customers at the lowest interest rate. If you have a home loan with another bank, you can transfer the balance to IFIC and enjoy a 2% interest rate reduction.

The bank’s various products and services are aimed at different segments of the population, such as the SMEs and corporate clients. The company also aims to encourage women to participate in financial activities. Its home loan scheme is one of the most popular options for women in the country. It also offers competitive interest rates and easy repayment terms.

IFIC Bank has also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ena Properties Ltd. The signing ceremony took place on June 22 in Dhaka. The bank plans to offer a “Aamar Bari” home loan facility to purchasers of apartments in the company.

Besides home loan, the bank offers various other financial services such as credit cards and loans. Its loans and advances division has a branch in Elephant road, and provides loans and advances to various customer segments and sectors. The report contains information on different types of loans, including mortgages, consumer credit scheme, and land-related loans.

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